Premier Brands of Refrigerant Gas Canister, Refrigerant Gas At Industry Best Prices.

About Us

All types of air conditioning systems require Refrigerant to absorb heat and provide refrigeration to maintain cool temperature in spaces. Introducing a wide line of Refrigerant Gas Cylinders and Cans for a large variety of air conditioning systems such as Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Air Cooling Systems, Heat Pumps and more is our specialty. We are Mauli Enterprises, a Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra (India) based supplier, trader and wholesaler of R22, R410A, R32, R134a, R404A, R407C and many more. We source gas cylinders and cans from authentic sources, who promise us for their perfect quality and performance. Maintaining a wide portfolio, customers can source from us different capacities like 8 Kg, 10 Kg, 40 Kg, 45Kg, 62Kg and 61 Kg of gas cylinders and 450g CAN, all of which are charged with industry lowest prices.

In our four years of business presence, we have successfully served to Chiller Manufacturers, Air conditioning unit's service providers, educational institutions, healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry, Laboratories, HVAC establishments and many more customers. We offers a wide range of refrigerants for different applications and brands as per preference. Our refrigerants range from room air-conditioners to automobiles air conditioners & refrigerators to chillers.

Why Invest In Our Refrigerant Gas?

Refrigerant Gas performs a major role in air conditioning systems because it absorbs environmental heat and renders cool air, keeping interiors and enclosed spaces chilled. So, professionals and customers, while sourcing this gas, look for a number of things to ensure it is perfect in quality. We, as a quality committed company, assure all buyers for quality in our R410A FREON Refrigerant Gas, 450G R134a Floron Refrigerant Can, R22 FLORON Refrigerant Gas, R407C Stallion Refrigerant Gas, R134a Floron Refrigerant Can, R410A Stallion Refrigerant Gas, and many more. Our offered refrigerants are best featured for low condensing pressure, low freezing point, high evaporate pressure, high vapor density, non-poisonous and high latent heat of vaporization. All these properties makes our gas worth investing in.


We have a large line of refrigerants for automobiles, room air-conditioners, chillers and refrigerators of reputed brands like Floron, Refex, Freon, Mafron, Fluoro, Kiro and Stallion. Introducing these brands of refrigerant gases under the same roof has made us one of the most preferred establishments in Maharashtra (India).

Our USPs

  • Huge experience of serving responsibly in the HVAC industry
  • Known for supplying only genuine Refrigerant Gas
  • Available for serving gas 24X7, all year
  • Safe Storage, Handling, and Delivery\

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